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Heart-warming images of the final journey of your loved one in life – captured for your family and future generations by expert funeral videographers and photographers who understand Singapore funeral rites

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It’s sad but true that memories of a departed loved one may fade over time.

And it’s not always possible for family members based overseas to attend a funeral.

Then there’re restrictions on the number of funeral attendees because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Memorial Film by Memento can overcome these problems with high-definition funeral live streaming, videos, and photos.

You’ll get quality images and precious memories of the deceased to cherish forever – video footage or photos that can be handed down over the years to future generations of your family.

What sets us apart

Memorial Film by Memento boss, Jason Ong, has worked closely with Singapore undertakers in the past. And this have given him extensive knowledge of the funeral rituals of Buddhist, Taoist, and Christian (including Roman Catholic).

It’s a crucial benefit that few, if any, other funeral videographers or photographers can offer.

Funeral online streaming, videography & photography services delivered with empathy and sensitivity

Grieving families look to Memorial Film by Memento for funeral live stream, video, and photography services because we’re known for our discretion, respect, and compassion besides having a deep understanding of local funeral rites.

Funeral live streaming service

Our funeral online services give non-attendees the opportunity to feel part of the occasion. We’ll live stream coverage on YouTube to be shared privately. We’ll record it to give you a permanent video.

Funeral videography service

Our funeral videographer will work unobtrusively in keeping with the solemnity of the occasion. You’ll get excellent video footage as a permanent remembrance of the esteem in which the departed was held.

Funeral photography service

Our funeral photographer will document proceedings with a series of powerful still images. These will reflect moments of emotion and tenderness you’ll want to cherish as part of your family story.

Genuine review about our live streaming service

The live stream service from Memento for my mother’s funeral service was captured perfectly for all my family and friends across the globe to see.

The videographer was very good and professional; the stream was smooth; and more importantly, the team knew exactly what to do and capture both in church and at the crematorium.

Jeremy Ratnam (Power 98 programme director & radio DJ)

Genuine review about our videography service

My family would like to say a big thanks for taking video of my grandfather’s last respect and last journey. They are very happy and appreciate the work done a lot.

I would introduce Memorial Film to my family and friends for video services.


Memorial Film by Memento funeral live streaming, video & photography services pricing

We keep our rates as low as possible without sacrificing quality.

You’ll get your funeral video or photos within 10 working days, after image editing and enhancement.

What’s more, we’ll store the digital files in-house for up to 3 months free of charge. So, you won’t have to worry about losing your precious images.

Funeral live streaming services prices

  • Encoffining ceremony: $500
  • Wake: $600/night
  • Day of funeral (last rites & cremation session): $800

Extension: $150/hour

Recording of the live stream will be provided.

Funeral videography prices (A)

Coverage video

  • Encoffining ceremony: $300
  • Wake: $400/night
  • Day of funeral (last rites & cremation session): $600

Extension: $100/hour

Funeral videography prices (B)

Highlight video

  • Encoffining ceremony: $400
  • Wake: $500/night
  • Day of funeral (last rites & cremation session): $700

Extension: $100/hour

Funeral photography prices

  • Encoffining ceremony: $300
  • Wake: $400/night
  • Day of funeral (last rites & cremation session): $600

Extension: $100/hour

Memorial Film by Memento reserves the right to end the promotion at any time.

Funeral online, videography & photography expertise you can trust

Memorial Film by Memento is the experienced funeral live streaming, videography, and photography company that families know they can depend on. You’ll benefit from:

  • Our in-depth understanding of the various funeral rituals in Singapore.
  • Ability to respond fast at short notice – within 90 minutes, but we’ve achieved 60 minutes in most cases.
  • An 8-strong team on standby 24/7.

You only have one chance to get it right when documenting the final tributes to your loved one. We can guarantee powerful, touching funeral images of the highest quality to ensure the departed lives on in the hearts of those they loved.

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